Who's Paddy?

Hi there,

Welcome to my site.
Most musicians know the fact that being a musician involves a lot of waiting. So, while waiting I put together this site just for fun.....and to see if I was at all able to do so. So far so good.
Patrick Drabe's help you would have seen nothing to be honest).

Some pictures, some movies, a bit of audio.........the usual I guess.

Have a look around.


My gear at this moment:

Alleva Coppolo 5 string Jazz
Alleva Coppolo 4 string Precision
Tobias basic 5
Celinder fretless
Fender Jazz 4 string fretless
Godin A4

Aguilar DB680 Tube Pre-Amp
Various Aguilar cabinets
Aguilar Tonehammer
Barber Tone Press